What is your favourite thing about Social Media?

Social media has been around since 1997 (although people do argue it was earlier then this). Ever since its emergence, social media has grown and increased in popularity year upon year, but with this popularity there have also been multiple pieces of research discussing its negatives aspects. Even over the last few months, research has been linking social media to depression in young adults.

 Although there is a lot of negativity surrounding it, social media is not going away any time soon. It is estimated that this year (2019), 2.77 billion people will be using social networking sites across the globe. The largest amount of users we have ever seen.

And Social Media is not just for personal use as we all know, for people like me, social media is the reason I have a job. It is shocking for me to think that my job didn’t even exist 22 years ago. However, employment is not what my favourite thing is about social networking sites (although I am certainly not complaining). My favourite thing about it is its ability to reach people all over the world. This instant communication has allowed me as an individual and as an employee to create and remain friends with people all over the world.

Social Media gives me that opportunity to reach people with similar interests in TV and production. It then also allows me to communicate what we as a company are doing to contribute to that community. I think there is nothing better then getting to engage with people on social media and find out what their opinions are. Recently I did a blog about which actor/actress the team would love to work with. It started a conversation on our Instagram page where readers were commenting who they would love to work with. It is in those moments, when you are chatting to multiple people across the world, that you realise just how powerful these social sites are.

With so many users across so many platforms, there must be a reason why we all go back to these sites in our spare time. So what’s your favourite thing about social media? Let me know!


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