December Catch Up!

It is December, which means the end of 2018, and at WWP we are looking back on what a year it has been for the company. Although, is it just me or has 2018 gone by in a flash?! We have had new additions to the team, and loads more projects we have worked on. Looking forward, so many exciting things are happening for us in 2019, and it looks to be our best year yet.

December Events

As the end of the year drew to a close, our last month was filled with festive celebration. Of course there was our Christmas party which was held at Bar Elba. A perfect setting for a fab night. Below are some of the photos from the party.

December Catch Up
Some but not all of the WWP team


December Christmas Party
I think Chloe and Yaki were enjoying the heaters at this point!


December party
Susan, Chloe and Jane


December party
Miki and Anthony


December Christmas party
Ryan, Yaki, Chloe, Miki, Katie and Holly

December Christmas party


December Christmas party
Miki and Stuart

December Christmas party December Christmas party

Having to choose a few pictures from the amount of pictures we got was very hard!


Josh went to see Erica Burgsmeds exhibition in Kensington. As you may already know, Erica does photography as just one of her many talents, and has in the past taken photos of Josh. So it was a chance to see the rest of her work.

December events

Ajeta managed to get tickets to the BFI talk with Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton. She even managed to get in the front row!  

December In the Office

Sometimes when travelling around London, you are so focused on getting to you destination you forget just how beautiful the city is. I realised this as we were doing some filming on location this month. As we were leaving the set, the sun was shining across the city, there was not a cloud in the sky it was so beautiful. From the picture it looks like I could have stolen this photo from the summer, but the bitter wind definitely didn’t allow me to forget it was December in real life. For now enjoy my inner tourist.

London in December

It was Ryan’s birthday this month. It is actually on New Years eve, however as we weren’t to see him before that, we managed to give him a birthday card on his last day. We hope you had the best day Ryan!

We have got some new art in the office. Yaki showed off her drawing skills by drawing all of the team!

the office in December

We also have our new Choose Love poster that we bought in their pop up store in London. The team took two trips down to the shop this month. We bought some jumpers and the poster for the office the first time round. The second time round was to help raise some more money for the charity. Help Refugees had amazing donors who triple match funded any donations between 1-2pm on the 18th. In this time the team managed to help raise £978 because of this triple match funding. We also got a sneak peak of the Banksy that was on display there, which was donated by the artist to help raise funds for the charity. It is entered in to a prize draw so anyone can end up winning it!

December in the office December in the office

the office in December the office in December

We had a new addition to the team! His name is Tom and he is with us for some experience. We got to know him at the start of the month, which you can read here! 

the office in December

Another new addition to the team was our new Josh Junior! Josh has a new desk companion.

the office in December
Josh Junior admiring the view

Here is Holly getting us in the Christmas mood! 

the office in December

One of of our favourite things that happened this month, was the realisation that we could have a lot of fun with all the photos we take in the office. As Josh was soon to learn when I discovered my love of Meme making. This could be a new monthly thing, where I show you our favourite meme of the month. For now I will give you a few that I made. Enjoy…

the office in December

the office in December

We have headed down to the christmas market a few times since it has been on. This was one of the occasions, when some of the team made use of the christmas decorations. Miki and Yaki had their last day with us, as much as it will be sad to not see them in the office anymore, we will of course be keeping in touch with them. Here they are with Susan and Chloe on one of their last days! 

the office in December

As well as heading to the market, we have also had a few little team lunches out. We have made it our mission for 2019 to try new places around Waterloo, as we realised we have not explored enough. London has so many options and yet we always seem to find ourselves in the same places. So 2019 is a year for exploration!

December lunch

So now it is on to 2019, and to all that can happen. See you in the New Year!

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December Catch up