Who would be your favourite actor/actress to work with?

Who would be your favourite actor/actress to work with? We all have our favourite actors and actresses, but which one would be our all time favourite. I asked the team to answer this very question, and saw a few similar names pop up.


My dream actresses to work with are Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. These actress are very talented at performing and of marked individualities. And my dream actors to work with are Edward Norton and Tom Hardy, I love their movies and their performances are always really excellent!


One of the great joys of working in television is getting to work with people whom you have admired from afar and then one day you meet them in a rehearsal room or at their home, you try and say how wonderful they are and all that comes out is a stream of gibberish and spend the rest of the day in acute embarrassment. I found myself face to face with Elizabeth Taylor one time at one of her charity concerts and she met us singers on stage. I tried to say something complimentary and witty at the same time and it came out as a kind of squeak.


I had the delight of directing Paul McGann in a classical opera a few years ago where he played the Narrator and of course with that wonderful silky voice of his, he enraptured the audience at The Barbican. Also a very nice bloke, happy to do PR and interviews – we went on the Robert Elms radio show and Paul was very supportive of the project. Top man. Would work with again.


One of the most unusual was Prince Charles. He was at the time Patron of the Royal Institute of British Architects and we filmed his pre-record for the handing out of that year’s prizes – I remember meeting James Dyson at the event and he wittered on about his idea for a new kind of vacuum cleaner – wonder whatever happened to that?


We met Prince Charles’ equerry at St. James’s Palace to discuss ‘form’ – how we should address His Royal Highness, what exactly we wanted him to do as he read his speech from the autocue and, most pressingly, how long would this take as he had another personal engagement with the Queen to get to. Charles arrived and immediately I was struck with how short he was/is. Not a shortie by any means but I imagined him to be over six foot. But he just radiates a certain something in person.


He was charm itself and nothing was too much trouble, he did two takes when the first one was perfect. He won me over when we started the proceedings with the lighting set-up and I substituted for him in the chair. He remarked that I had ‘a regal bearing’. Always been a fan of his since then. He recognises class when he sees it…..


Along with Marilyn Monroe, he is my dream to work with….. 


For me, my favourite actor must be Robert Downey Junior. He is a great and charming actor. His acting is very touching and he is always responsible for his work. Robert is an international superstar but he is very approachable. He once took the initiative to reduce his own pay to increase the pay of other actors who participated in the Avengers. He has won many international awards and has great influence in audiences of all ages. In addition, His personal experience can also inspire some people in distress and may cheer them up.  He is gorgeous and I love him so much. By the way, I strongly hope that RDJ and Johnny Depp will work together on a magical or sci-fi movie.


On a purely selfish basis, I’m going to pick two actors I can only dream of working with. Those two would be the enigmatic Sir David Attenborough and the unique Emma Watson. Sir David Attenborough has the power to change the world, and being able to work with someone who could completely change the world for good can only be a goal I hope to achieve one day. Alongside Attenborough I would also want to work with actor and activist Emma Watson, she seems like a very eloquent woman with great ideas and passions, and uses her platform to change the world for good.


Picking my favourite actor or actress was hard. I would have loved to have worked with Robin Williams. Not only is he in some of my favourite all time films, (Mrs Doutbfire), so many people have commented on how he was amazing on set, always improvising and extremely kind. He had the ability to make you laugh one second and cry the next. He also said one of my favourite quotes which is, “You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it”.


Jack Nicholson, because he’s a brilliant actor who’s got that wonderful balance of funny and crazy that makes him captivating and petrifying.


Emma Watson is my favorite actress. I’ve been dying to get in touch with her. Her accent is recognizable to me among a hundred actresses, and her unique accent fascinates me. Emma’s love for learning also attracted me and guided me to keep moving forward.

Dan Stevens is my favorite actor. I’ve been obsessed with him since Downton Abbey. I was also deeply attracted by his charming voice.

If there is an opportunity, I really hope to cooperate with them.


So who would be your dream person to work with? Let us know!


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