Everything you need to know about the new series of Queer Eye!

Queer Eye is back and I’d be lying if I’m not already cancelling plans to binge watch it this weekend. Possibly one of the biggest shows on Netflix, this show was an overnight hit when it was released with fans including Chrissy Teigen, Busy Philipps and Gigi Hadid.

I took a look to see what to expect before its release on Netflix on the 15th March and found out some pretty interesting facts along the way about the series.


What to expect on the new series of Queer Eye:

 1. The new series is based in Kansas City, Missouri

2. News is there will be a 4 episode special where the team head to Japan!

3. The show will feature its first lesbian hero to makeover.

4. The show will also feature its first duo for the team to makeover

5. It is reported that there will be 8 episodes which follow the same format as the previous series. Hey, why fix something that’s not broke?


Some interesting facts on Queer Eye:

 1. Queer Eye is a reversion of the original show called ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, which aired back in 2003.

2. Tan worked in a Denim Factory owned by his Grandfather growing up.

3. Tan has his own fashion label called Kingdom & State Clothing. It is a women’s clothing company that started out in London in 2011.

4. Karamo’s first feature on TV was not Queer Eye but MTV’s ‘The Real World’ aired in 2002.

5. Bobby owns his own home design brand called Bobby Berk Interiors and Design.

6. Antoni is friends with the original Queer Eye foodie Ted Allen and he was the one who recommended Antoni for the job.

7. Jonathan has his own podcast called ‘Getting Curious With Jonathan’.

8. The fab five did not know it was a set up when they were pulled over by the police and because of this it nearly caused the end of the Fab 5 as Tan reportedly very nearly quit the show because of it.

9. Karamo has his own organisation that raises awareness about being HIV. It is called 6in 10

10. Not only is he a king in front of the camera, Karamo is a king behind it as part of his contract requirements means he is focused on inclusion and diversity! His contract requires that the crew he works with must have two to three gay African-American men. Karamo said it was important to him to do this and has done it for the last few shows he has worked on.

11. Jonathan can change a tire in under 5 minutes saying his dad taught him this skill!

12. Having acted previously before Queer Eye, it seems Antoni will be heading back to his acting roots as he is set to star in two films alongside James Franco (According to IMDB).


So it is not long now until we have the fab 5 back in our lives…. Can you believe?


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