WWP’s March 2020 Catch Up!

March 2020 has certainly been a month we won’t be forgetting any time soon I think we can all agree. With most of us around the world in lockdown due to Covid-19, here at WWP we are also carrying on from our homes. Here is what the team have been up to this month.

March 2020 Awards

Before the country was put into lockdown, we were invited to Lambeth College to receive an award for our work on our internship programme. If you didn’t know we work with a number of colleges and sixth forms to help students gain some experience within our company. Meaning we were awarded by Lambeth Council the Lambeth Made Charter Award. It was a huge honour to be recognised for something we work so hard on and it was great to be awarded alongside other places such as Bloomberg, Age Uk and Parliament. Josh and I attended the event to receive the award and here we are with our certificate. 

Lambeth Made charter award

Lambeth Made charter award


Josh was asked to speak at the LPGP Connect event 2020 about investing in Film and TV. LPGP Connect Private Debt London brings together LPs and GPs from the global private credit market to look at the latest developments and market trends.

In the News – March 2020

As we mentioned last month, Josh has become a contributor for Forbes specifically for Hollywood and Entertainment news.

Since this announcement, Josh has gone on to write on a number of topics including the effect of the coronavirus on our industry. You can read all of his pieces so far by clicking on any of the following links:


Forbes was not the only place Josh was featured in this month, the Metro also had Josh talking about how the TV industry would recover from the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. In it Josh discussed the financial cost explaining ‘If we go past the point of not having original content broadcasters can schedule, they’re going to start to have to buy stuff and go down the route of acquisition. That can be super expensive,’ You can read the full article here.

metro article

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