Lambeth Made Charter Award given to WWP

Lambeth Council have awarded Wilson Worldwide with the Lambeth Made Charter Award for our work in helping young adults to gain experience in the media industry. As our charity Genisys aim is to help young adults gain experience, it is truly an honour that our work has been recognised this way.

lambeth made charter award

Lambeth Made is a unique campaign to make Lambeth one of the best places in the world for children and young people to grow up.

The Lambeth Made initiative wants to mobilise all of Lambeth’s resources, skills, and imagination to improve and create opportunities for all, making a difference for children and young people.

Speaking about the award Josh said; “Very humbled for Wilson Worldwide Productions’ philanthropic arm Genisys to receive the Lambeth Made Charter Mark Award for our work with young people. To receive the award with such established institutions such as: Bloomberg, Age Uk and Parliament was incredible and I hope we can continue to make even a small impact.
Specifically I want to mention Katie Dickinson for working so diligently on preparing a robust programme of learning for young people and spending her own time to develop, teach and sharpen interns for future creative work placements. It not only shows great character but also an insatiable passion for our industry that transfers to young people.”


lambeth awards


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Lambeth Made charter award