WWP’s January 2020 Catch Up


Probably gone past the time of when it’s appropriate to say it but Happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to a very exciting time for us in 2020. As always we will be keeping you in the loop. 

Starting with January 2020 where we have hit the ground running and we are working on some very exciting things. As the team was away for a couple of weeks in different places, this month’s blog will be short but sweet. 

Firstly we had a little reminisce at the beginning of the year as one of our Chasing The Dream boxers, Anthony Fowler shared a little throwback of his time working on the show as it was the anniversary of the show. 

Josh visited Thailand and made pretty much everyone envious with his insta pics and stories. While he was out there he visited a orphanage for 0-6 year olds to provide things like toys and essnetilas for the staff and children. In Thailand he visited three separate places and here are just a few pictures (more can be seen on his insta). 



Josh in Thailand 2020

Josh In Thailand

Josh was clearly having a fantastic time here

Chloe was in China and celebrated Chinese New Year with her family. Here are some pf her pictures from the Yunnan province. Those views…… 

Chloe in China

Chloe in China

Phoenix was also in China and even had some snow making it a winter wonderland to be envious of! Look out for her mouth watering hot pot! 

Phoenix in China

We had a couple of exciting meetings which will be revealed more shortly, maybe even by next month’s blog, but for now that was our short and sweet January 2020 blog! 


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