December and 2019 catch up

2019 was certainly a big year for us here at WWP, from our first show with the BBC to an award celebrating the company’s ethos of Diversity and Inclusion. It is always good to look back each month as to what we have been up to, but this blog will not only round up what we did in December but also some of the massive things that happend in 2019 as a whole.  


Of course the team celebrated the end of the year with our Christmas party and we got to celebrate each individual’s achievements within the year. What a way to round up the year with everyone. 

The biggest news was our two new projects that were released. Firstly was our new show with the BBC. Saving Our Beautiful Bali was an opportunity to see how two sisters are fighting against plastic pollution and taking massive steps to do this. More about the show can be found here. The second was our audio project with Ximalaya that featured Dame Helen Mirren and Tom Hiddleston. The two read a number of poems by different poets including Rabindranath Tagore. 

Forbes invited Josh to talk at a number of their events over the year including most recently their Hamburg Summit which meant he was featured on their website. You can see it here. Alongside that he was asked to speak at the Forbes Global Summit and was asked to be one of this year’s judges for the new list makers. Josh was also a judge for the IBC awards for the Young Pioneering Award! 

Genisys, helped just under 20 interns where they spent time with the team learning what we do and how we do it and getting an insight into how we work in the industry. As well as having interns in, Josh also was out in schools and colleges talking to students about the industry and giving career advice to help them improve. Looking forward to 2020 where we can continue these visits and experiences. 

Josh and WWP were able to talk more about the company’s work and ethos in newspapers like The Times, Broadcast, Elite Business and The I to name just a few highlighting much of our work but mostly Josh and the teams passion for more diversity in the industry. 

We were proud to win an award in 2019, we were recognised by the Growing Business Awards to be Diversity and Inclusion Champions of the year. 

This year Josh was asked to speak at a number of events including Soho Media Club’s monthly event which is for creatives in the industry, plus Josh spoke at the Black Ascent event hosted by Imperial College London and the London School of Economics! 

Finally there is nothing better than getting to work with this bunch of people, here are just a few highlights from 2019. 

Here is to 2020 and everything that is coming… 

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