September Catch Up!

Festivals, birthdays, photoshoots and meeting royalty, it has been quite a month for WWP! So what have we been up to this September?

In our last catch up, we mentioned that Stuart would be travelling to India to revisit the centre he helped open when he was a presenter with Blue Peter. Stuart travelled back to help launch a new appeal with the charity Lepra, and to visit the centre and those running it.

We also mentioned that Josh would be travelling to Amsterdam for the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Josh had an incredibly busy few days, he was part of a group that helped open the event by opening Amsterdam’s stock exchange. Fun fact: Amsterdam’s Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in the world! Not only did Josh help open the whole event, he was also a guest speaker on a panel that talked about the future of the modern workplace. He was joined by Alexis Irene and Jennifer Marcou. At the event, Josh met a lot of inspiring people, but he also befriended royalty, the Prince of Netherlands, Prince Constantijn! 

Josh and Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands


Josh and his fellow panellists

 In other news:

Our Head of PR Anthony was featured in Sky Sports news! He was asked for his opinion on how he would deal with the tense relationship being displayed between the Manchester United manager and one of his players! Check our news page for more information about that! 

Josh was also featured on Panda Radio UK, talking about our work on Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Fasle Impressions’!

Josh and Duncan visiting some of our broadcasting friends


Any guesses as to who they were visiting here?

 The team had a few events to attend over the month. One of them being the Northbank Management Launch Party, it was great to meet so many talented authors at the event and chat with them.

Northbank founder and CEO Diane Banks


Ajeta and Katie


Josh with Lloyd Coleman, Myriam Francois and Stuart Barr!

Some of the team also attended the opening on the Raindance Film Festival, and have been to see a few of the films that the festival has had to offer!


Astrid and Chloe at the opening of the Raindance Film Festival


The team have been doing quite a bit of filming this month, with the likes of Tom Davies and Niomi Smart. The filming was a lot of fun, and below are some sneak pictures! 

The incredibly talented Tom Davies


Behind the scenes with Niomi Smart and the team

These are not the only behind the scenes images we shared with you this month! At the start of the month we shared some behind the scenes pictures with Dame Helen Mirren and Tom Hiddleston, here they are again if you didn’t see them the first time. 

Josh having a giggle with Tom Hiddleston


Josh with a Queen


In the office!

We have had some fabulous new additions to the team at WWP. We welcomed three new interns, Astrid, Yaki and Miki. They are all with us for the next few months as they gain some expereince in to our fantastic industry. We are really enjoying working with the three of them. Yaki and Miki joined us as part of our new partnership with GoUni. We teamed up with GoUni this month and will be working with them to help graduates find work expereince in their chosen industry. We are super excited to be working with them.


Some of the WWP team with some of the GoUni team, including CEO’s Charlie Wang and Harry Song!

Chloe and Ajeta both celebrated their birthdays this month and of course it was done in style! Chloe even had her first try of carrot cake, which luckily she loved! Both cakes lasted about 0.5 seconds before getting demolished! 


Chloe cutting her cake with a chopstick, as we could not find a knife!


Ajeta just about to blow out her candle!

  The team all ventured out from behind the cameras this month and stepped in front of them as we had our very own phtoshoot in the office. We had a photographer come in to take some updated headshots of us all. You can view the photos on our blog page, but please enjoy this one of Josh which didnt make quite make the cut…

And pose…

We also had a blast from the past in the office as Ryan has recently purchased a working Nintendo Gameboy. 


We now take a moment to enjoy some group selfies…

All smiles at one of our weekly development meeting’s!


Holly, Chloe, Susan and Katie enjoying some lunch


If Chloe was CEO…


Outside the office!

The team have also been very busy outside of work. Chloe had the wrap party for a short film she worked on with her friend. Duncan had a school reunion and Stuart was back on the radio!

Holly did some volunteering for HelpRefugees UK. Holly went on the radio with the muscian Beans On Toast to chat about the charity!

I went to my very first festival in Hyde Park! It was the Radio 2 Festival In A Day, which had performers such as Rita Ora, Mickey Kravitz, All Saints, Boyzone and the one and only Kylie.


I think you can agree September has been one busy month for WWP, and October is looking to be just as busy!

P.S: A team that naps together stays together!


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