The end of February has seen another awards season, another Valentine’s day and the start of Chinese New Year! 新年快乐 猪年大吉. This time last year we were braving the snow from the beast from the east but this year we have been heading outside to enjoy the glorious sun!


The main event Josh did this month was head back to Esher College, which was the college that he attended himself! He was there to chat to students about his career and to motivate and encourage them on to their own paths. I wonder if there is an old yearbook somewhere….  

february catch up

Stuart and Josh were invited to the Kick it Out event that was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the campaign. It was held at Chelsea FC.

February catch up

In the Office:

We had two big birthdays this month! Stuart turned 50 although we still don’t believe that he is 50! To celebrate, he spent the day in Paris and if we weren’t all jealous then thats a lie! The other birthday celebration we had was for Holly! Happy birthday Holly and Stuart!

february catch up  february catch up

The WWP team are always working hard, so hard that a midday nap is necessary for some… we are looking at you here Chloe!  What Chloe didn’t realise in her nap was that Josh was pranking her and as you will see below, Josh managed to use her snacks to good pranking use.

february catch up


As the weather has been so beautiful, the team have headed out to London’s Southbank at lunch time. It really has felt like summer and we have loved it. I really think everyone is so much happier in the warm sun, until it gets too hot and then we all complain again!

February catch up

February was the beginning of the Chinese New Year. In celebration Chloe gave all the team an orange. It is one of the most common food symbols of the Chinese New Year and it represents good luck for the new year. Here she is below oranges in hand ready to hand out!

February catch up

Putting my DT GCSE to good use, I put together a new office chair for Josh. With a set of instructions and some free time that chair was made in record time. I then had some fun showing off my skills on Instagram. Head to our Instagram page to find the video in our highlights.

february catch up february catch up

One of our interns called Khai had some great news in February, as he became the 60m Hurdles Champion and is now a double British university champion. Congratulations Khai! To watch his winning moment click here!

We were witness to the Global Warming March that took place in London this month. As we were working in the office, we heard shouting coming from down the street  which was steadily getting louder. Then a HUGE march walked down York Road full of students campaigning for action to be taken across Global Warming. THis march came from a student in Sweden who has been walking out of school every Friday to protest against global warming. Read more about it here!

Of course it was the Oscars in February and Ajeta and myself took our time to have a go at guessing who would win. We got quite a few spot on, but of course there were favourites to win. Shout out to Olivia Coleman for managing to make me cry at her acceptance speech, so many emotions!

In the News:

We had to massive announcements this month at WWP and if you haven’t heard about it then where have you been?!

The first announcement was that Josh was one of the three judges for the Forbes 2019 list for the Entertainment category. He was joined alongside Rita Ora and Stephen Garrett. You can see who made the list here.

february catch up

As part of the new Forbes announcement there were loads of events for Josh to attend. One of them was the opening of the London Stock Exchange. The other was the Forbes announcement party where Josh got to hang out with those already part of the Forbes community, but also the new list makers.  

february catch upfebruary catch up

february catch up

The other announcement that was made was that Josh was featured in The Times. Josh was discussing everything about Wilson Worldwide and how the company came to be what it is today. As part of the article, Josh had a photoshoot at the News building right next to The Shard. The article only used one photo, but there were so many possible photos that I had to share some of them below. For the videos you can find them on our social pages.

february catch up  february catch up

February catch up
Josh with Hannah from The Times

february catch up

februaruy catch up

Josh was also featured in Broadcast magazine, talking about why he would still work with Liam Neeson after the comments he had made. You can ready what Josh said about Liam here, but the main argument was that by showing compassion and forgiveness is key to building a better future.

februaury catch up

Finally, here is Chloe giving us all the Monday feels

februaruy catch up

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