Dumbo is being released this weekend, and it is the first of three live-action Disney remakes coming to cinemas in 2019 (the other two being Aladdin and The Lion King). For some, making Dumbo before other loved classic Disney films may not have been the most obvious choice, however it seems there is so much to look forward to in this film directed by Tim Burton. Here is all you need to know about the new Dumbo ahead of it flying to our cinemas this weekend.


 – Plans to make the live-action remake was announced in July 2014…. 5 years ago! Burton was announced as director in 2015. It looks like we may find it to have a darker mood to the original film.

 – When the film was announced, Ehren Kruger was confirmed as screenwriter and producer while Justin Springer was also confirmed as a producer.

– The cast was announced in 2017 and filming began in July of that year finishing in November.

-In 2017, Danny Elfman was announced to be composing the film’s score.

-It was filmed in the UK.

-It turns out both Will Smith and Tom Hanks were approached to be in the film but both turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. Will turned it down due to his busy schedule filming Bad Boys for Life coming next year. However, as you probably know by now, Will is appearing as the Genie in Aladdin, one of the other Disney live-action remakes being released this year. Tom Hanks was offered the villan but turned it down to film Greyhound. Others approached to take part were Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Bill Hader.

-The entire film was filmed on a sound stage!

-The film does not include any talking animals

-Elephant props were used to give the crew an idea of the size and shape of Dumbo which would affect staging, lighting etc. Edd Osmand wore a green suit to represent Dumbo in some scenes to help the actors when they would have to interact with Dumbo.

-Farrell says this is the first film he has been in that is a family focused film.

-On working with Tim Burton, Farrell said “The opportunity to work with the director Tim Burton – I have been a fan of his for thirty plus years”. “I have always loved his films since Edward Scissor Hands and Beetle Juice and so many titles I remember so clearly watching them as a teenager and in my 20s and 30s”. “So to work with him on this was gorgeous and the story was beautiful as well, the story of Dumbo who is an outsider and who is not accepted because of his differences so it is a story about celebrating differences and inclusion”.

-The 20th century artist Edward Hopper was the inspiration behind Production Designer Rick Heinrichs look of the film.

-Lucy DeVito, who is Danny DeVito’s daughter in real life appears in the film. She is apparently going to be a coat check girl, so keep an eye out for her.

-Dumbo will be Eva Green’s Disney movie debut.

-Colleen Atwood who is the costume designer did not make a single black and white striped clothing item for the film. Atwood said that it would be too predictable. Atwood made 90% outfits from that era.

-This will be the second time Tim Burton has worked with Alan Arkin. The first time being for the classic Edward Scissorhands.

-The teaser for the film was released back in June 2018. The full trailer was released in November.

-This is the 6 live-action remake that Disney has made.


-Dumbo was Disney’s favourite film made by his studio.

-The original film had a runtime of 64 minutes, whereas the new one will be 130 minutes.

-The film was based upon a story written by husband and wife Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl.

-The original Dumbo film was Disney’s 4th animated feature.

-There was a really big strike between animators and Disney during the making of the original film. In the film, the scene where the clowns decide to hit the boss for a raise is reportedly Disney mocking his striking workers.

-The song made famous by Dumbo ‘Baby Mine’ was nominated for an Oscar.

-The cels used to make the original animated feature are some of the most valuable of any Disney movie due to there not being many left. Not only were they used as skates for the workers to skate down the hallways once they had finished with them, the actual paint used on them is particularly prone to flaking.

-Dumbo was the first lead in a Disney movie to not say anything.

-Times Magazine were going to have Dumbo as its cover page in December 1941 however this was dropped after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

-The original film won the Oscar for Best Score of  a Musical Picture, however lost out on the Best Original Song to “The Last Time I saw Paris”. This was controversial as that song was not actually an original.






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