Stuart Miles featured in the Metro

Our Development Producer Stuart Miles featured in the Metro newspaper. Stuart was talking about his time as a presenter on Blue Peter and what his one regret is.

As Blue Peter celebrates it’s 60th birthday, Stuart (a Blue Peter presenter from 1994-1999) has had the chance to look back on his time there. Stuart states that Blue Peter’s birthday has “been an opportunity for me to look back at some of the amazing experiences of the past and frequently I have found myself saying, ‘I can’t believe I actually did that’.”

As Stuart talked about his favoruite moments from the show, he also talked about his only regret. “I often look back now and wish that I had been braver and come out but I was scared of being criticised and seen as less of a role model by the general public.  The irony is I could’ve been a role model to all those gay youngsters.”

Stuart also goes on to talk about what he is doing these days, and comments on the fact that he is “so lucky to now work in a business where diversity is welcomed and it has been a huge positive in our industry.”

You can see what other memories Stuart has from Blue Peter, by reading his full article here!











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