Everything you need to know about Glow

Glow is back for its third series, and the ladies are off to Vegas. After nearly getting cancelled after the first series but also being nominated for loads of awards at the same time, just what can we expect from the third?! Here is everything you need to know! 

About the Series

Filmed in California.

It was first shown in June 2017. 

The series has won 6 awards. 

The show was created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. In addition to working on Glow, Flahive has also worked on ‘Homeland’ and Mensch has worked on ‘Orange is the New Black’. They both have worked on ‘Nurse Jackie’. 

The shows have been written by different people, some by Flahive and Mensch themselves and others by Nick Jones and Sascha Rothchild. 

Similarly to the shows being written by different people, the series has been directed by a number of different people including: Lynn Shelton, Mark Burley and Claire Scanlon. Shelton has worked on ‘New Girl’. Burley has previously worked on ‘Orange is the New Black’ and Scanlon has previously worked on ‘Set It Up’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and ‘The Office’. 

Kia Stevens who plays Tamee is the only female member of the cast who is a professional wrestler. 

Chavo Guerrero Junior trained the actresses. 

The series is based on the women’s professional wrestling circuit in the 80s. GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling which was founded by David McLane. Therefore, all of the characters are based off of the women who were in GLOW. 

Lot of former WWE stars make cameos in the show. Including Brodus Clay and John Morrison. As a matter of fact there is also a cameo from Hulk Hogan’s daughter. 

The third series was confirmed on August 20 2018. 

The idea for the show came when show creators Flahive and Mensch were both looking for a female lead show. With this intention, they came across a documentary of the Glow Wrestling and from there developed the idea. 

The third series will see the group in Vegas. Due to the relocation, production was delayed. 

Geena Davis will be joining the cast, Davis has had an incredible career and just one of the films she has been a part of was ‘The Accidental Tourist’ for which she won an Oscar. In addition, she has also worked on classics such as ‘Stuart Little’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. 

Speaking about the new series, Britney Young said “When people think of us in Vegas, they think showgirls, gambling, glitz and glamour. We really want to show the darker side of Vegas,” she said.

Speaking of the 3rd series, Alison Brie said “It definitely feels totally different from any other season that we’ve done. If Season 2 felt more emotional, Season 3 I think is even more so. The stakes have never been higher in some ways. People are tapping into some really deep stuff, which is very cool.”

Costume designer Beth Morgan said “We custom-make everything that goes in the ring.”

There are rumours that Netflix nearly cancelled Glow after its first series but at the same time was nominated for a number of awards and won a lot. 

The founder of the real GLOW series was David McLane. Speaking about what he thought of the Netflix series he said “Anybody who knows me knows that I use a phrase if I like something: It’s a 10. In this case, it’s a 12.”  So in brief it seems he is a fan! 

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