What is the main quality a Managing Director looks for when hiring?

So you have decided working in the media industry is what you want to do. You have already applied for a few jobs, which means it is time to prep for those interviews! So what quality is most important to a Managing Director? We asked our MD Josh Wilson, to let us know what quality he looks for most when recruiting for WWP.

There are a number of skills I look to identify when I am meeting potentially new members to the team. However, my primary goal and function when talking to an individual is to get a deeper understanding of their mindset and who they are. It is so key that a positive mindset compliments the team we have. It is amazing how detrimental a negative attitude can be.

A positive attitude is often mistaken with being happy all the time, but that is not really the case. It is the actual mindset of the individual and how they process, decipher and implement information, coupled with their interaction with people and their environment. As soon as someone comes in I start studying them. It is very hard to hide figuratively speaking, as people generally do and say things naturally without completely thinking it over fully.

Things such as someone’s goals, eye contact, enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and work with others, are so key to growing a successful and productive unit. Iron sharpens iron so I want to be around the strongest, most adaptable, creative, innovative and positive people I can.

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