What are the benefits about working between China and Britain?

As you may know, at Wilson Worldwide we have a department that works between China and Britain specifically on projects for the Asian market. One of these projects is to develop one of Jeffrey Archer’s books. We have Susan and Chloe who make up the team (click on their names to get to know about them), and we thought it would be interesting to see what they thought was the best thing about getting to work in a place that works between China and Britain.



The best thing about getting to work between China and Britain is that we have incorporated a number of schemes and partnerships between our two nations to make it feasible and advantageous for both sides to work together to foster new exciting content and opportunities. We produced our first programmes with a one of China’s biggest broadcasters last year and we’re looking to grow our relationships even more with the growing nation from this day forwards.



I think the benefits about working between China and Britain are that I can see the differences of the mindsets between the two countries or two people. You can also see how our  different cultures who are well communicated with each other help them understand each other and work well together.


The good thing is we can combine the advantages of both TV productions together and make it more creative and full of diversity!



No one can ignore the increasing globalisation between nations and industries, and UK and China are not exceptions. China and the UK have the same eagerness to work more and collaborate more with each other. Working between China and Britain in TV production is challenging, but it is also exciting. We are like a bridge to connect these two continents, to help both nations to understand and cooperate with each other in production. The most important part is that everybody can benefit from this cultural exchange process, you will learn who to communicate with from different people with different backgrounds. You will listen, be more patient, and be stronger and gentle at the same time. You will learn a lot more from this experience, as all the troubles/workloads might be doubled because you work with two parties, however, it also means  all the experiences/lessons will be doubled as well.


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Works between China and Britian