Stuart Miles: Who is Wilson Worldwide?

The ‘Who is Wilson Worldwide?’ series is a way of letting you get to know exactly who we are, whether you are a follower of what we do, someone looking to get to know a bit more about the industry, or just someone who happened to stumble upon us. The company is small in number but has a huge passion for creating the best possible content for your TV, and over the next few weeks you will get to know the people behind the ideas, when we ask them a little bit about themselves.

This week we speak to Stuart Miles, our very talented Development Producer. Having worked in TV and radio for more than 25 years, you name it, he knows how to do it, and having worked both in front and behind the camera, Stuart knows what it takes to make an idea turn into a great show. He’s only been with us for just a short while, but has already demonstrated his wealth of knowledge and expertise, so we asked him to let us know a little bit more about himself and his experience in this industry.

What is your name?

Stuart Miles

What is your job title?

Development Producer

What is your job description/ what are your responsibilities?

I work on a part time basis coming up with new programme ideas and helping to steer and improve existing ones so we deliver creative and original ideas to broadcasters.

How long have you worked here?

A month!!

What were you doing before you worked here?

I graduated with a BA(hons) in Communication and Media Production in 1990. My production experience in the early days included being a researcher for BBC Radio 4 and A.P for BBC Daytime. I’m probably best known for my presenting stint on Blue Peter between 1994-1999 where I also trained as a producer/director, directing on location for the programme in my final year. I have worked on shows for most of the major broadcasters over the last 25 years and have many links with talent both on and off screen. I now compliment my work as a broadcaster on both Radio and TV with my areas of interest in TV development, including relationships, access to human interest stories, wildlife, science and comedy

What is the best thing about your job?

Meeting so many different and interesting people who have a real passion for their subject matter and are keen to share it with TV audiences. Passion is such an infectious and positive force that it can shine through the screen. Experts in their field and people with a story to share. Often members of the public can provide ideas and inspiration that you never would have believed possible.

What is your favourite project that you have worked on?

It’s early days here, but we have been working on a set of relationship shows which I find really interesting. It’s a subject that everyone single one of us can relate to so with the right original idea and clever format twist, these can be popular! Real life really is stranger than fiction!

What made you want to work in TV production?

Having worked both in front of and behind the camera I have to say they both have their plus points. The thing I really like about development is that you are at the creative end of production. Once a programme is being made it can be very intense and take over your life!  I have been in that position before and it is very rewarding especially when you see that finished

For anyone wanting to work in TV production what advice would you give them?

It sounds obvious but watch TV…lots of it! Understand why a programme works and what is driving it’s audience figures. Talk to a

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