Name someone who should have won an Oscar

As award season is kicking off we are all waiting for the main event which is of course the Oscars. As big as it is, every year we still manage to see the underrepresentation of diversity in most, if not all of the categories, and this year is no different. This year many newspapers have been criticising the Oscars for the lack of nominations for female directors. With this in mind, I asked the team to give me names of people who they thought should have won an Oscar. If you have any thoughts as to who you think should have won an Oscar, leave their name in the comments below. 


It’s a tough one. It’s between Ralph Fiennes, John Malkovich or Ed Harris.

I would probably say John Malkovich as I’m a big fan of a number of his performances and his eccentric acting style


One of the great Oscar travesties in my opinion occurred in 1986 in the Best Original Film Score category. Contenders were Hoosiers, Aliens, Round Midnight and Star Trek IV. The outstanding candidate was Ennio Morricone for The Mission. He won the Bafta and the Golden Globe but insanely didn’t get the Oscar. Having performed the music from The Mission many times now (so I have perhaps something of a personal bias), it is nothing less than an almost spiritual experience to sing such divine music so how it could even have been mentioned in the same breath as Star Trek and Aliens is beyond me!


I think Jim Carrey should have won an Oscar. Although he won The Golden Globe award twice and was nominated for it many times. His performances are really fantastic, he is the King of comedy…! I think he should have won this honour…


Tom Hardy and James Franco.
Tom Hardy should have won a Oscar for his role in The Revenant, as he was better than Leonardo DiCaprio.

James Franco is so talented in many things, such as screenwriting, producing, directing, and of course, acting. He should have at least been nominated for his great performance in The Disaster Artist.


It is shocking to me just how many actors/actresses there are that have not won an Oscar who I think should have. One of the biggest shocks for me though was Ralph Fiennes. Although he was nominated for some of his roles like his part in Schindler’s List, Ralph has never actually won one. He has had some of the best roles in films like The Grand Budapest Hotel , Harry Potter, The Duchess to name a few and it is a shame that this has not been recognised.

P.S, after seeing that Alan Rickman never won an Oscar either, makes this an outrage!


As we know, the Oscars are not very diverse but for a Black actress (the only supporting actress of colour) to be nominated, this indicates that her role in If Beale Street Could Talk must have been one to remember. The Oscars need more diversity and the acknowledgment of hard working females of colour can really shine positivity of the Oscars and exclude the negative conniptions that comes with it.


Sometimes, the Academy Awards pick poor choices. Whether choosing the hosts of the ‘La-La-Land-gate’ incident two years ago, or choosing “How Green Was My Valley” ahead of a small film you may have heard of, called Citizen Kane, the annual ceremony is the subject of many articles for snubs. But to my mind, the greatest of these snubs concerns a recently passed actor who starred as some of the most iconic characters in some of the most iconic films but did not receive a single nomination. Not one. Not for Hans Gruber, Severus Snape or Marvin the Paranoid Android. That the late Alan Rickman didn’t win an Oscar may be put down more to bad luck than bad decision making. That he wasn’t nominated is a scandal.

PS: Samuel L Jackson also only has 1 nomination throughout his acting career. That is marginally better than the above but still scandalous.



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