Everything you need to know about Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders makes a dramatic return to our TV’s this week and with it comes the return of some of our favourite characters as well as some new faces. We looked into what we can expect from series 5.

About the series

It looks like the plot of series 5 will be based around the financial crash of 1929.

A lot of scenes are filmed around Liverpool and London due to the fact that Birmingham does not resemble the environment required for the show.

Cillian Murphy had smoked over 3000 cigarettes on the show by series 2. Luckily he was smoking herbal cigarettes that didn’t contain nicotine so he would not get addicted.

There will be some new faces in the mix this series. Including actor Sam Clafin who has previously been in ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Me Before You’. He will be plays Oswald Mosley. Another new face is Hollyoaks actor Emmett J Scanlan.

The BBC have already commissioned a another two series.

We won’t have to wait long for the second episode as it will be shown the day after the first episode airs.

It will be interesting to see what happens in this series after Tommy made a deal with the authorities to infiltrate the communist movement in the last series.

With the massive success Peaky Blinders has received here and in America, producer Caryn Mandabach has revealed there could potentially be a film in the works.

As we have seen Tommy’s mental state has been deteriorating for a while, and series 5 will have this at the centre of its story.

David Bowie was reported to be a massive fan of the show and allowed them to use some of his music before he passed away.

About the actors

In real life Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are married!

Spoiler Warning: Tom Hardy does not look like he is set to return as his character was shot in the last series in the dramatic final episode.

Cillian Murphy said “The things that were happening in the time that we’re setting the series have an unbelievable resonance to what’s going on now.”

In real life Joe Cole and Finn Cole are brothers.

Both Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have both played villains in Batman movies.

Annabell Wallis is from England and played Grace from Ireland. Cillian Murphy is from Ireland and plays Tommy from England.

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