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Judy Garland was and still is an icon. Having had a lifetime in the spotlight she faced many issues from cruelty, addiction and to having a lifetime problem with her weight after being told she needed to loose weight as a child. However she still is known for her talent and especially her voice. The film being released in cinemas, focuses on the months leading up to her death.

The basics

Out in the UK 2nd October 

Rated a 12a 

The film runs for 1 hour 58 mins 

Film facts

Directed by Rupert Goold. He has worked on ‘The Hollow Crown’ and ‘True Story’. 

Judy was filmed in London. 

Judy’s screenwriter was Tom Edge. He has previously worked on ‘The Crown’, and ‘The Midnight Beast’. 

The film stars Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley and Finn Wittrock. Zellweger needs no introduction having starred in many films such as ‘Bridget Jones’, ‘Chicago’ and ‘Miss Potter’. Jessie Buckley rose to fame in the BBC talent show ‘I’d Do Anything’, from there she has gone on to star in West End and TV including; ‘Beast’, ‘Taboo’ and ‘Chernoby;’. Finn Wittrock has previously been in ‘La La Land’ and ‘American Crime Story. 

The film is loosely an adaptation of the Olivier nominated play ‘End of the Rainbow’. The playwright believed that Tom Edge wanted it to be much more accurate to the events of Judy with “less elements of fantasy.” However, this is not the only reference that was taken. Sid Luft’s (one of Garland’s husbands) memoirs were used also. 

Production began in MArch 2018.


Judy Garland’s daughter Liza Minnelli has said that she does not approve of the film “nor sanction in any way’ the making of it. Saying that Zellweger never met with her or spoke to her about her mother as the movie was announced. Later on she did go on to say nicer things about Zellweger saying  “I think she’s a wonderful actress, I just hope they don’t do what they always do. That’s all I’ve got to say.” Judy’s other daughter has reportedly been more on board saying “I’m so grateful to have had her as my mother. She was everyone’s icon and everyone’s legend but she was my mum. I didn’t think of her as anything else other than the lady in the kitchen in the bathrobe. Then I’d watch her put her makeup on and she’d turn into Judy Garland.”

The film was first premiered at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival. 

Zellweger rehearsed for a year with a vocal coach before the production even began shooting in order to amster her vocals. 

The musician Sam Smith helped write some of the soundtrack for the film. Additionally he attend the films premiere. 

Zellweger received a massive standing ovation after the film was shown at the Toronto Film Festival. The applause only stopped after Zellweger joked “ok quit it – you’re messing up my makeup.”

Speaking of Garland, Zellweger said that “she is considered one of the great vocal performers of all time.” When asked what most impressed her about Garland, Zellweger said “that she kept going adn that she had that power in her voice.” 

Other facts

This year coincides with the 80th anniversary of the release of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. 

Zellweger performance has already created some Oscar buzz. 

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