August catch up!

It’s been a busy month for the team at Wilson Worldwide, so I thought I’d catch you up with what’s been going on! There’s been a lot of travelling, as Josh, Duncan, Susan and myself were all away! As well as travelling, there were also the usual meetings, networking and fun in the office!

What’s been going on?

As travel was a big thing this month, we will catch up with where everyone went to! Starting with Josh. Josh went to America for two reasons essentially, but also to network and catch up with agents and friends. Now, the reasons behind Josh going to America we can’t really say, but what we will say is his first leg of the trip took him to LA to spend some time in a recording studio. We will let you guess as to what he could possibly have been working on! 

Josh hanging out with musician Keith Cullen
Josh with CEO and founder of College to Congress, Audrey Henson

The second leg of Josh’s trip, saw him fly over to Washington. This time he was not alone, and for this part of the trip he was joined by Duncan! As Josh and Duncan were in the area, they took some time to go and visit the FBI’s Quantico and National Academy. See pictures below! 

As they both headed back to England, it was the end of Duncan’s travelling, but that wasn’t the end of Josh’s. Spending a day back in London to continue working on what he had been in LA, Josh then travelled to Ibiza to meet up with some people from Bloomberg TV for the weekend!


Is this Josh’s James Bond audition?

Now as mentioned before, Josh and Duncan were not the only ones to travel this month, Susan was also away as she travelled to China! She went to see family and to work! While she was there she met with friends that she used to work with such as producers, screen writers and colleagues from SMG! Susan was meeting them to discuss current trends in China in regards to TV and film and to talk about the projects that we were working on. 



Lastly, I myself, spent some time away with my family and we went to Ireland. I went to Dublin, Longford and Killarney, it was amazing! I can report back that I still dislike Guinness I’m afraid, I wish I could be in the Riverdance and overall I am in love with Ireland. Here are a few photos of my trip!  


Although she did not travel abroad, Holly also had some time off to go to Boomtown. Who else is obsessed with her trousers?!


Moving on from all of our travelling, I won’t bore you with talk about meetings, but I will briefly say that we met with a lot of broadcasters, agents and talent about some new projects that we have been working on. All in the early stages, but all very positive so we are very excited! As well as meetings, Susan and Chloe attended an exciting networking event that was hosted by the China- Britain Business Council. Here, they met other business, allowing them to network! They also did a presentation about Wilson Worldwide and what we are up to! 

Susan and Chloe giving their presentation


In other news!

Josh got featured in The Guardian newspaper! As an employer, he was asked to discuss what he looked for when hiring. As students received their exam results this month, it was also a chance to discuss the different options students had. You can find the link to this article by clicking here!

Duncan and Stuart were featured in Broadcast! The article was announcing that the pair have joined our team! You can read their article here! 


In the office 

We now take a short break to let you appreciate our office fashion this month!

Please admire:

Ryan wearing a traditional Chinese shirt which has ancient characters on it!


Holly and Chloe co-ordinating!
Ajeta, Holly and Ryan co-ordinating

Next Month

As a very busy month draws to a close, we look to what next month has in store for us. We continue to develop our projects and work to get these commissioned, but we also have some other things to look forward to. Travel is again on the cards, as we announced this week, Josh will be speaking at the Forbes Under 30 Europe Summit which is in Amsterdam. We are sure he will have a great trip and will of course update you on his time away. Stuart is also away as he is currently in India. It is to help the charity Lepra who help people with Leprosy. Stuart has worked with this charity for many years, as he worked with them while he was presenting on Blue Peter!

So much to catch up on, until next month!

P.S  We think Josh suits this look, don’t you?



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