A Day In The Life: Ryan Correia

For anyone aspiring to work in production, what better way to find out exactly what you could be signing up for by getting to know what we do day to day? Each week, we will follow one of the team as they explain a day in their life. This week we got to know a bit more about researcher and developer Ryan Correia. He let us know what an average day in his life involves! 


Morning (8:30-09:30) 

I’d like to say I’m a morning person, but I’m one of those 10 alarms to wake up kind of person. So after my 10th and final alarm I muster out of bed and demand myself the finest chocolate shreddies you can get and then commence to read through major news and major alternative news outlets to help start the day and keep on top of current news, inspiration and trends. As I am living the intern life and not a full fledged Londoner I’m living out my bag for the days I am in London, couchsurfing at any friends house who have a spare sofa to sleep on (real glamorous life to lead).

During the Day (09:30-17:30)

Everyday differs that’s the glorious side of production; things can change so dramatically from one day to another, Ideas can change, narratives can change it means you have to be on your toes and be very self aware of yourself and your work. However in terms of the everyday as a researcher, my main roles are to help with the development of shows so I will use various platforms and mixed media to accumulate and refine research areas that are in development, this is where lunch breaks are important as it gives time for a reboot, something as simple as a walk outside or to eat lunch in a park can drastically help with the creative side of production. The committed team behind Wilson Worldwide means we have a safe and creative space to come up with ideas, and with the help of Duncan and Holly we can bounce of each other for help and advice to improve and produce great quality work.



Evening (17:30-00:00)

It depends every week really, as an intern I’m also doing various projects at the moment alongside my work as a researcher with Wilson Worldwide, so whenever there is a good opportunity to gain some experience or do something different/creative I jump on the opportunity as I like to spur imagination in me. But if I’m not dotted around London or working, I’ll go back home to Crawley and read my books, watch TV go on my tight rope and tend to my sunflowers (I have 5, 2 meter mammoth sunflowers – its becoming an unhealthy obsession) or do lots of nature walks especially with all the Sun we’ve been getting.




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