A Day In The Life: Josh Wilson

For anyone aspiring to work in production, what better way to find out exactly what you could be signing up for by getting to know what we do day to day? Each week, we will follow one of the team as they explain a day in their life. This week we got to know a bit more about who our MD Josh Wilson is, and now we can let you know what he does daily to keep Wilson Worldwide progressing. 



I roughly get up at about 7:30, as after reading about other entrepreneurs I much prefer now to wake up naturally without an alarm and lay in my bed for a bit to relax and focus on the upcoming day. I then do the usual self care and stretches before thinking what I’m going to wear to wow my co-workers with my latest outfit. I then go to the tube (fully clothed at this point) for my usual 13 minute tube journey to the office. I check in with security downstairs and come up to the main room where I have a casual chat on anything topical with the development team and/or everyones evenings. I then check my tasks for the day and always prioritise closing current deals whether that be by phone or email.

During the Day (9:30-18:30)

My job is very very

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