A Day In The Life: Ajeta Kapoor

For anyone aspiring to work in production, what better way to find out exactly what you could be signing up for by getting to know what we do day to day? Each week, we will follow one of the team as they explain a day in their life. This week we got to know a bit more about Ajeta Kapoor, our assistant producer and researcher! Ajeta gave us a rundown on what she does day to day!

Morning (8:15-9:30)

Probably wake up by snoozing my alarm and then cursing myself for waking up 5 minutes late than I’m supposed to. I either take the bus or walk to work. Because it’s summer, I have a nice pleasant walk to the office in the morning. 

During the day (9:30-18:00)

Every week is different. There are weeks where you’re sitting in office brainstorming ideas and writing treatments. Then there are weeks where you’re out of the office meeting new people to find new stories. And then there are weeks where you’re out shooting and then editing stuff. Though there is one thing that is always the same every morning, tea time!



Evening (18:00-2:00)

Probably going to a friends’ place and cooking and watching TV together, unless I have work to catch up on. Work on individual documentary projects for uni. Probably sketch or play an instrument if I need a stress buster. Go out for drinks on the weekend or a party or a museum. It’s always a last minute plan.

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